Introducing the iOWest 20 Minute Play Competition!

Whether you’ve got an original idea or you’ve got an old sketch you want to turn into a short play, don’t miss out on iOWest’s first ever 20 Minute Play Competition! Pitch submissions begin January 14th with an elimination style three round process. Starting in March, selected plays will receive a month long run in the DCT. From there 2-3 shows will be chosen for a one night performance on the Main Stage. More details below.


Round One: THE PITCH. Pitch submissions will be due by January 21st. Applicants will need to send in a play title, as well as a story pitch. Selected pitches will move on to the next round.

Round Two: OUTLINE OUTLINE OUTLINE. Outlines will be due by January 29th. You’ll have to turn in an outline as well as Character descriptions. Next round will be the full written show!

Round Three: PLAY TIME. Play submissions will be due by February 16th. Writers will need to turn in their short play (10-20 pages), as well as a set/prop list, special theatrical needs, etc. and let us know whose directing.

***Email all submissions to


Chosen plays will be contacted by February 19th to be given a run at the DCT.

Auditions will be held the weekend of February 22nd
-Writers are responsible for picking directors, overseeing casting, and organizing rehearsals outside of iOWest.

DCT shows will run for a month starting March 8th

2-3 plays will be selected for a night on the iO Main Stage (Day/time: TBD)


*Submission fee is $12, the money will go towards the competition/play costs: tech, props, costumes, etc. Our aim is to give each show a small budget

**All submissions must be in two separate files, one WITHOUT the playwrights name to ensure fairness

***Again, Email submissions to