Danilo Di Julio

Performer at iO West
Danilo’s Bucket List
Green = Win
Red = Fail
Purple = I’M WORKIN’ ON IT!!!
Get involved in politics and police work:

Member of 1st ever Canadian Youth Parliament
Member of 1st ever Canada’s youth Against Crime

Play for the Montreal Expos

Team no longer exists

Join the Army, jump out of helicopters

Ex-Special Service Forces sharpshooter/tank gunner

Play for the Quebec Nordiques

Team no longer exists, oh yeah…can’t skate

Play High Level Football

Walked on at Syracuse at 22, played semi-pro 10 yrs

Sleep with Cindy Crawford

She’s married, I’m married…not gonna happen

Play with a NFL Hall of Famer

Marvin Harrison was inducted in 2016

Act in a commercial

Acted in over 150 commercials

Act in a stage performance of A Christmas Carol

Played Scrooge for Stella Adler’s production 2006

Be nominated Mayor of Hollywood

….still waiting…

Act in a sitcom

Been on The Office, Parks and Rec, Silicon Valley

Try Stand Up

set at the Comedy Store for 9 minutes (got laughs)

Act in a “Best Picture” (nominee or winner)

Played Sgt. Gauthier in ARGO winner Best Picture

Receive Honorary Doctorate from Syracuse


Direct a sitcom

Directed Band Life, winner Best New Sitcom Pilot
Hollywood & Vine Film Festival

Be a Dad

Father of 22 yr old son and a 4 yr old daughter
…it’s complicated

Become the most below average President

*see Trump

Get on a mainstage sketch team at iOWest