Announcing new Sketch Teams

iO West is proud to announce four new Main Stage sketch teams and some additions to our great existing teams. From over 200 acting and writing submissions, these folks were selected to continue to advance iO’s growing sketch community.

New Team #1 – First Show September 17th 7:30PM
Coach John Druska
Nick Bezmaterny
AJ Castro
Angela Fornero
Paul Heredia
Pat Janssen
Cassi Jerkins
Elliott Mayer
Kristen Paul
Maya Shemesh
Matthew Ware
Grady Welch

New Team #2 – First Show September 24th 7:30PM
Coach Nikki DiGaetano
Adam Garcia
Cari Kabinoff
Jay Kasten
Trevor Martin
Monica Percich
Rachel Reyes
Leandra Ryan
Adam Schwartz
Karthik Srinivasan

New Team #3 – First Show September 24th 9PM
Coach Anna Cecilia
Feodor Chin
Nikki DiGaetano
John Druska
Kunal Dudheker
Calder Holbrook
Monica Loomba
Jen McCartney
Holly McKee-Clark
Jordan Moshe
Kristen Parker

New Team #4 – First Show October 1st 9PM
Coach Jeremy Briggs
Colin Contreary
Megan Kathleen Duffy
Lindsey Guzzardo
Matt Harbert
Sylvia Kolb
Eamon McIver
Ellie Race-Moore
Sunanda Sachatrakul
Rob Warner
Sean Will

These teams have added these performers to their casts:

Anyi Malik
Katie Wilbert

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way
Tommy Dickie
Jodi Skeris

June’s Cleaver
Patrick Polsin
John Tan
Ryan Tweedy

The Cover Up
Michael Gutierrez
Moni Oyedepo