iO Theater Podcast Network Launches with Killer Conversations – Season 1

We’ve launched our first iO Theater Podcast Network Podcast:

Killer Conversations

Listen to the FULL SEASON below, or find and subscribe to the series on:

Killer Conversations features conversations with real killers, hosted by Brittany Bookbinder (pseudonym). Recorded from her uncle’s attic, Brittany summons famous serial killers through a teleportation device and asks them the tough questions like, “What’s up?” and “You like ice cream?”

Season 1 features the Zodiac Killer, Lizzie Borden, Jack the Ripper, as well as surprise visits from Brittany’s best friend, a tuxedo cat named Dr. Edmund, and the ghost that lives in the closet.

Episode 1

The Zodiac Killer

Is he Ted Cruz? Maybe!

In this episode, Brittany talks to the Zodiac Killer and Dr. Edmund finds his little cat voice. The ghost who lives in the closet makes a cameo appearance.

Listen to the other 7 episodes here: