Harold Team Auditions

2017 IO West Harold Audition FAQs:

Where can I submit an audition?

Submissions for our Harold auditions are now open: Audition Application
We will be accepting submissions until April 13th.

When are the 2017 IO Harold team auditions?

Auditions will be held the weekend of May 5-6. Additional dates may be added depending on demand. An online submission form will be open March 31st. Watch the IO facebook page and newsletter for updates.

I can’t make that (or I’m still in class) when will my next chance to audition be?

We’re aiming to have auditions every 9-12 months. We have been known to place individual performers from 5B classes on teams needing players as well.

Who is allowed to audition?

Auditions are open to graduates of the improv training program at IO West or IO Chicago, former Harold team players, and current students that are invited by the artistic directors.

What will the audition consist of?

On the day of the audition, you’ll need to show up 30 minutes prior to your audition time to check in and warm up. Our auditions usually consist of an ‘organic’ opening, 2-person scenes, and then a montage of 2nd beats and group work. (If any of those terms are unfamiliar to you, this may not be the right audition for you). Each audition slot will have between 7 and 10 players and will take no more than 25 minutes. Everybody will get ample opportunity to shine.

How can I prepare for the auditions?

We encourage you to attend our jam (Tuesdays at 11pm), rehearse and perform with friends, and watch as many Harolds as possible (every Tuesday 7-11PM).

We’re also offering a Harold Tune-Up Workshop, a four week workshop taught by some of iO’s most experienced performers and coaches designed to get you back in the Harold groove and confident heading into auditions.

Is an IO Harold team the right fit for me?

We ask that all of our Harold team players commit to weekly rehearsals and shows and are open to doing what it takes to become a part of a great ensemble. You must have at least two nights a week free on your schedule for shows and rehearsals and be able to afford a coaching fee (typically $10 a week or less).

Your team doesn’t have to be your only performance priority but it should be one of your top priorities. We’re not looking for part-timers or half-assers. We need full-ass folks.

If that doesn’t seem like something you can manage or would want at this time, that’s totally understandable and sane of you. There are plenty of other ways to stay involved at IO – take a classpitch us a show, or just hang out in the bar and bother the bartenders.

What kind of teams will be cast from these auditions?

We usually base the number and type of teams that we create both on the spots we have to fill and on the talent present in the auditions. We may create Main Stage Harold teams (performing on Tuesday nights on the Main Stage at IO), DCT Harold teams (performing in our DCT theater on Friday nights), and Expedition teams (performing other forms in our DCT theater on Saturdays nights). Both our DCT Harold teams and Expedition teams will also have regular Main Stage shows.

Some individual performers may be cast on existing teams as well.

Do I need to bring anything to the audition?

Yes, bring a headshot. If you don’t have a professionally-shot photo, that’s okay, do your best and bring in a current photo with your name on it. No need to bring a resume.

Can we audition as a group?

Yes, performers that are already a part of an ensemble are allowed to audition as a group. Your group must have 7-10 members, all of whom meet the criteria to audition listed above. Contact zach@ioimprov.com to arrange your audition time. Your group will be asked if they’d also like to be considered as individuals or only as the existing ensemble.

I’m already on a team at iO, do I need to audition?

We’ll let you know if that’s the case.

What are you looking for in performers?

We cast the net wide when it comes to playing styles, performance backgrounds, and types of players. We want supportive, savvy players who will be great teammates. Mostly, we want you to be yourself. If you’re not the type to do a lot of different voices, don’t force 5 accents into your audition. Try to have fun up there – it always makes you look good!

The one thing we don’t want in our players is a closed mind. If you think you have nothing to learn from teammates or a coach, you probably won’t succeed in this environment and we encourage you to explore another path. We want folks that are excited to play with and learn from their teammates and are excited by the ideas of others.

Who will be in the room when I audition?

There will be a bunch of people in the room including IO management, teachers, coaches, and performers. We invite current Harold team members to audit the auditions and give their feedback on selections afterwards. We want a wide variety of perspectives in the room so we can make thoughtful and well-balanced decisions. It’s also nice to have more people there to laugh!

If you have concerns about specific people that may or may not be in the room during your audition and how that might intersect with the IO Standards of Conduct Policy, please contact zach@ioimprov.com or colleen@ioimprov.com.