Adam Schwartz

Performer at iO West

Adam Schwartz grew up in Iowa and then left 2013 in order to not be in Iowa any longer, although he still thinks that state is rad. After graduating with a degree in communication studies (the degree that most scholars concur is the most useful and least vague of all the degrees in terms of knowledge gained) Adam decided to move to Chicago where he studied at The Second City, iO, The Annoyance Theater, ComedySportz and the CIC Theater.

He was an ensemble member at the Under the Gun theater in Wriggly and on a Comedysportz Sunday Team as well as the creator of the show SMUT where he reviewed romantic literature from an academic prospective in front of a live audience who giggled at his power point presentation. He’s lived in Los Angeles since January of 2017 and making the iO sketch team Jeff! is his first accomplishment of note in this scary scary town. Blaze Pizza rules.