Andy Goldenberg

Performer at iO West

This will serve as Andy Goldenberg’s autobiography, in case you have to write some kind of paper on him for class. You can gloss over where he was born (RI), where he grew up (FL), and where he got his apparently-not-so-necessary theatre diploma (University of Miami). Skip to the part about how he’s internet famous, right?

His Goldentusk YouTube Channel has more than 54 million views, with Time Out New York film critic Keith Uhlich nicknaming him “The Theme Song Sondheim”. In fact, “The Superman Theme Song” may have been the very first YouTube video you ever watched.

He acted opposite Adam Sandler and Al Pacino in JACK AND JILL, was a cover boy of the Nice Jewish Guys Calendar, won a game show, published a children’s book called Peter, the Paranoid Pumpkin, and has starred in several TV shows, Films, and national commercials. His signature Jew-Fro did not really begin to take shape until 7th Grade. For more info, visit: