Erik Voss

Performer at iO West

Erik Voss is an iO West regular, improvising with the Harold team WHEELHOUSE and writing/performing on the sketch team IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY. Additionally, Erik directs the Harold team FAMILY BAND and the sketch team DAD JEANS. As a screenwriter, Erik’s scripts have advanced in the Academy Nicholl Fellowship, the Austin Film Festival, the Fox Comedy Script Contest in the New York TV Festival, and the Los Angeles Comedy Festival. In 2016, Erik’s feature comedy script “GATOR COUNTRY” advanced to the finals in the Austin Film Festival and won first place in the festival’s Pitch Competition. Erik has also performed at the UCB Theater with the team DELUCA and shows like SKETCH CRAM and SKETCH SHOWDOWN, and he is currently in the performance track at the Groundlings. Erik’s other credits include hosting videos for NEW ROCKSTARS on YouTube, and writing a super inside-baseball improv blog,VOSSPROV.