Jason Wayne Christian

Performer at iO West

Jason Wayne Christian is a college educated fat person who loves super heroes, pro wrestling & comedy.  He’s performed bit shows, stand up, characters, improv & sketch at the Clubhouse, the Pack, UCB and iO West & can be seen on TV in Angie Tribeca & You’re The Worst.

He is happy to be a part of the DCT sketch team, The Cover Up.  He also a big fan of his two senior dogs & his wife Chelsea Christian who currently writes for iO house team, Jet Jaguar.  Both The Cover Up & Jet Jaguar perform the first Sunday of the month starting at 8PM.

If you need more of JWC, he can sometimes be seen on stages, in wrestling rings or walking around on the street as Hamburgers, his affable clown alter ego @hamburgersclown.

His parents are disappointed.