Karen Baughn

Instructor & Performer at iO West

Karen began her comedy training at iO Chicago in 2006 and continued her comedy journey at The Groundlings, UCB, and of course, her beloved iOWest. You may remember her from improv teams Bush League(iO), Viceroy (iO) and Hot Hot Goss (UCB) and from sketch teams Its The Cops (iO), The Truce (iO), and All In (UCB).  She also runs the new Character Team here at iO, Character World.

Karen has been teaching just as long, and gets amazing reviews from her students for being clear, articulate, and engaging. She taught improv, sketch, and character classes at Bang Comedy Theater and at Gnoman School of Visual Effects (yes, they wanted comedy classes)! She also continues to teach at A Time for Dance and Much Ado About Shakespeare (which have, as you can tell, different focuses.)

Karen is well versed in the Chicago-style of comedy and will be able to give you the tools to find your own comedic voice and create clear, pointed, home-run sketches!

Commercial: Reign Agency
Laura SooHoo,  (310) 396-6462,