Molly Erdman

Instructor and Performer at iO West

Molly Erdman has been learning, performing, and/or teaching at iO since 1996: in Chicago for eleven years, and then in Los Angeles starting in 2007. In addition to iO, she has taught at The Second City, YADA, UCLA, Duke, and all over the country for dozens of businesses. At iO Chicago, Molly was a member of two long-running groups, the house team Valhalla and the Del Close-directed ensemble The Lindbergh Babies, and she also performed in the two-person shows Pie and Deathstorm. She is an alum of The Second City Chicago, where created and performed in three Mainstage revues.

For five years Molly co-starred in a commercial campaign for Sonic Drive-In and has since appeared in numerous national spots as well as television (The Millers, Arrested Development, According to Jim, Jimmy Kimmel Live) and film (The Goods, All Stars). She is the author of the book Catalog Living at its Most Absurd and a contributing writer for the Bugs Bunny reboot Wabbit. Molly is one-third of The BreakWomb, a weekly sketch comedy web series about the ups and downs of motherhood. She currently performs withVillage Bicycle and coaches the Mainstage Harold team Dinner Jacket. Find out more than you ever wanted to know at