Sketch Team Auditions

The next round of iO West Sketch Team auditions will take place on Saturday August 19th from 10AM to 5PM.

Is an iO Sketch team right for me?
Have you seen the Sunday night shows? If not, go watch some, ASAP! You’d be on a team of writers and performers with a director and would be coming up with a new hilarious sketch show every month.

What’s involved in being on an iO sketch team?
You’d be committing to a minimum of 5 rehearsals a month and one 25-minute show. You will also be responsible for paying your share of your assigned director’s agreed upon fee.

Who is allowed to audition or submit as a writer?
You can audition as a performer or writer if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • Have been on an iO house sketch team (Main Stage or DCT)
  • Have completed at least any writing class at iO.
  • Have completed at least one level of improv classes at iO.
  • Have participated in the Sunday Sketch Show at iO.
  • Have participated in an Inclusion or Diversity show at iO (Mike Pence’s Big Queer Nightmare, The Golden Hour, Pussies Grab Back, Laughtivism, Underground Sketch, The Latino Vote, etc)
  • Have been invited by the iO Artistic Directors to audition.

What’s the difference between actor and writer and can I do both?
Writers are expected to generate sketch material every month while actors perform that material on stage. We do have writer/performers who both write material and perform. Writers have been known to appear in sketches and actors can contribute scripts – all of that will be at the discretion of your director.

How do I submit as an actor?
Please submit a video of you doing some prepared characters as part of your online submission. The video should be under 3 minutes in length and should display your comedic range. Keep it simple, no need for post-production or special effects – shooting it on your phone is fine. These videos will be due by 5PM on Friday August 4th. Actors will be notified by Thursday August 11th if they’re invited to audition on the 19th and will be given an audition spot, your audition scene, and the part you’ll be playing.

What will the actor audition be?
You’ll be asked to perform an assigned role in a two-person sketch. You’re expected to be completely off-book and memorized for the audition. Your scene partner will be assigned when you arrive for you audition and you’ll have some time to run the scene together.

How do I submit as a writer?
Submit a packet of your two best original sketches with the total pages for both sketches not exceeding 10 pages. Packets are due by 5PM Friday August 4th. Please submit packets to WITHOUT your name in the packet, only in the body of the email and subject line. We’re implementing a blind-submission system this year.

How do I submit as a writer-performer?
Fill out the steps listed above for both actor and writer – submit both a short video and a sketch packet (


  • August 4th – Character videos and sketch packets are due.
  • August 11th – Actors will be notified of their audition time and sent their script and part to be memorized.
  • August 19th – Auditions for actors.
  • Week of August 21st – Writers and actors will be notified about casting decisions.